Sunday, July 05, 2009

snow/shy (2009)

she wants to get off xanax / gets
prescribed valium / to soften the tiles

black snow / work-shy

she asks something like ‘how many days
longer / must this night go on?’

mattness / queasy ride

‘don’t worry something / will come’ (i
actually said / such crap?)

black snow / work-shy

our phone pact / to stay interested
both left waiting / to deserve

Note: 'for how many days longer must this night go on' = Walter Billeter


  1. I love how the form of the poem and the breaks within the lines create tension and hesitations in this poem.

  2. This is my favourite poem of the last that you wrote all together in just a few theys, this is perfect, I want to get off xanax myself

  3. Dana: thanks! I hadn't written a poem with this kind of form for a while. Sometimes it's hard to say whether content drives form or form drives content during the composition process. I guess it's not a simple binary of cause/effect anyway. Forms tend to form themselves while I write...

    Mariana: I'm glad you like it. It has been quite a prolific few days. This poem was loosely based on a conversation I had recently.