Sunday, July 26, 2009

Overload Poetry Festival 2009

This year's Overload looks like the best yet.

Have a peruse of the program, and I'm sure if you're into poetry you'll find something (or if you're like me, many things) you have to go to.

I'm particularly looking forward to seeing Ania Walwicz perform again, and the Poetry in Motion
event, which will include screenings of local and international video poetry, plus the documentary Melbourne City Poems featuring Luis Gonzalez Serrano, Elizabeth Campbell, Philip Salom, and the late Dorothy Porter.

But that's just scratching the surface...

I'll be involved in the Tripping the Light Ekphrastic event on Tuesday 8 September. This will be the final in a series of gigs based around the theme of ekphrasis. This one focuses on 'poem as response', and features Kristin Henry, Ahmed Hashim, Maurice McNamara, Anna Fern and Fee Sievers, with Brett Ditchfield as MC. I've put my hand up to perform stuff based around remixing.

So for the first time I'll be performing original and remixed pieces which came out of collaborations with Dana Guthrie Martin and Nathan Moore.

Can't wait...


  1. Thanks for choosing work from our remix, Stu. I love the ekphrastic theme -- sounds like a fantastic event.

  2. Yeah it's a cool theme. I think the pieces we collaborated on will work really well in the context.

    I suppose remixing is a twist on classic ekphrasis in that it's about reinterpretation and response.