Saturday, October 14, 2006

3CR Interview

On Wednesday the 11th of October I was interviewed by Juan Martorana on the breakfast show of Melbourne radio station 3CR. As well as talking about my work, and poetry in general, I read a couple of my poems: Inscriptions, which will be published in Issue #4 of Unusual Work, and cashed, which is set to appear online in the cool shade of the hutt.

The full interview can be downloaded in Mp3 format from here.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Generation of '0 (2006)

No newer thing / (saleable) / plug-ins / whither the whiter white / Hey there were languages before ours / unbottled water / undry roots / Our ‘thing’ some shopfront of erasures / opshopping / petty ID theft / embroidery / touch-txting / Can I hear you say / gosh! beige / malwear / closed circuit / civic cattlewatch / lowlying marketing geeks / annexed ‘intellectual’ look / Look ‘mate’ you’re freaking the customers / out side exit / greenlit convenient / Sooooooo / describe yourself (in one word or less) / illustrate your point / get storied / faking consensus / at eye-level / re-reiterate / retention of regulars / (don’t) mock meat / spray-on sweat / sure sure / untrained eyes have been wrong before (!) / Go on, admit it: / despite the patch / you're open to attack / (you do) the math / yoink! / before the aftermath / (scheduled outage) / Soundproofed / irrelevance beckons / stone-age PCs go slo mo / so… cuddle self-assessments / upgrade to (a) wireless / sort recyclables / take out tinny awards / go-get / decoratively munted / spun out / woah! / can do

draft wording for revolution : from balcony at Blue Train (2006)

“... valuables unattended” : the CBD a 3D graph : brightcoloured banners of Southbank fatten in wind

love you when random : “who in their right mind would even paint the river that colour?”

Blue Train kitchen clatters like tournament knights : reject the see-saw table we’re shown to : pull more napkins than needed : #4 pizza

sips of sidetalk : score some cred? : try swimming the Yarra : “are you for real?” : gales of laughter

“how many secret lives are played?” : graduates of the self-help section : get an edge : no handholds : bust a critique : “can’t kick can’t run can’t tackle” : why we got mired in fandom

conversation slips to politics : bluff through buzzword city : tad earnest : “could you ever love a patriot?” : wave stats like flags while we jiggle teabags

mark this urgent : sale must end! : stocktake : “could you feed our world while we’re away?” : planet’s lungs morph into soya beans : amazon dot gone : hybrid seeds won’t reproduce

we brainstorm : waves form waveforms : hang a sec : quick : need to write this down : can beat them on paper : we can be heroes : a few words of our own : a few bricks up our sleeves

cut to Planet America : juicer running backs built like tanks : big fish with big guns : and we, blind photographers

kidding ourselves : sorry speak up I can't quite : “another drink?” : “sorry guys, we're going to need this table...”

fallback : resolve split in the sore spot : so rooted, futures dim conventional : how we slide : soak all night in unmarked bars