Monday, June 29, 2009

café date (2009)

coffee kicks

your date
talks your arm off

you yet another
imitation audience

such expertise in
appearing unconfused

even when your attention swings
to the drizzle of adjectives
out on the street

& how do you like
these café clientele

glazed cakes &
tarts under glass

sincere, unimpressed looks
that say, “I hope
you are not the future”

don't they realise
the number of errors
can only inflate?

you drop a twenty
on the table,
slip out alone


  1. Wow! That is fantastic, Stu. I love it and it would be a brilliant one to perform, with the rhythm and the control overt the tone. That is a great poem.

  2. Thanks, Paul.

    I hadn't written anything for 2 months; it was good to work on something new.

  3. I really liked it!
    Although I am not sure I fully get it, but I could imagine being at a coffee store playing dumb.

  4. Thanks Mariana!

    I'm not sure I fully get it either... ;)