Friday, April 02, 2010

Cordite #32 - Zombie 2.0

Edited by Ivy Alvarez, Zombie 2.0 "features forty new poems by the undead including Gareth Jenkins, Derek Rawson, Jane Jervis-Read, Ashley Capes, Arlene Ang and Valerie Fox, Grant Balfour, Jen Jewel Brown, Nigel Holt, Jayne Pupek, suzanne jones, Tricia Dearborn, Fiona Wright, Mathew Abbott, Emilie Zoey Baker, Christine Swint, Michael Farrell, Lara Williams, Duncan Hose, Esther Johnson, Cameron Fuller, David Stavanger, Fleur Beaupert, Barbara De Franceschi, Sam Twyford-Moore, Janine Whyte, Scott Thouard, Sage Leslie, Jen Arthur and Gregory Horne. Not to mention feature articles, illustrations and audio."

What I've read so far has been very cool.

I put together a couple of things for the issue which didn't make the cut, but I thought they were worth sharing here. See the last two posts, 'slippages / undead' and 'Night of the Living Dead (Abject remix)'.

slippages / undead (2010)

of how things stand:
window display,
blood residue on pseudo-grass


bystander effect: knowing only
the known body, warding spells,
the craven info


the skin is not
on the map, acts like
it doesn’t want to be here


the text-fatigued
the soundproofed
the portable ghost-head


camouflage for dread:
rare pills (small gods)

bring blood to the tongue


riot police
slur syllables
behind the shield-wall


the forced door, systems
breached, direct sun
upon a data crypt


scared to show the volume
you carry (some sacred relic),
you will nest it in your hands

Image: 'Dead Undead' by skippytpe
(click to enlarge).

Night of the Living Dead (Abject remix) (2010)

how best to be dead?

glowing through night
______, family homes

(the lock

another camp
______-advertisement mother

as taboos devour a
_______-man of simulated

you have to laugh
_______-at veiled instincts

, moot TV killing

, the lack of real options
_____in a cemetery spillage

Process Notes: This is a remix I did of my poem Night of the Living Dead. I pasted the text of the original poem into Wordle, then relied solely on words used in the original to construct the remix. Just a bit of fun really.