Friday, July 24, 2009

minimal (2009)

scramble 3am sunday the club
at our most intelligent
hyperchoiced feel enhancer
micro-level the sequenced
lighting sweeping floor in
petalshapes kid behind the
decks from paris no don’t
bow he’s cool laying glitch
on glitch you love this
thudder hihats snipping you are
this unique visitor back soon
re-embodied score one for ads
without products planetary
maps rolled out for the
breakdown wait the warm
silence teaser spinback then
like 18-wheeler leaden kickdrum
cuts the surface re-entry timed to


  1. Es sounds beautifull, and there are some arts that the meaning is really wise. But theere are several setence that I do not get what they meant, or what function do they acomplish in the poem. It might be my crapy englishm or it might be that today poetry is not my thing.
    What is this stu about_ Can you give me a hint_

  2. The key word is 'club'. It was written while listening to tech/house music & improvised from there, a mix of memories and imaginings.

    It's probably quite obscure to anyone who hasn't 'been there'...

  3. I really LOVE this poem Stu. Fantastic. Would love to hear you deliver it at a reading sometime soon...It thumps and beats: turntable instrumentalism at it's best.

  4. Hi Stu,

    Dropped by a few days back and left a "serious" question which seems to have been gobbled up by the timewarp.

    It was: would it be fair play to call this poem a loop?

  5. Maxine: Thanks! That's what I was going for, more or less. I was pretty excited when this poem started to take shape, and I'm still pretty excited by it. I think it goes some way towards capturing a vibe I've been trying to capture for years.

    TC: That timewarp is insatiable! If by a 'loop' you mean that the poem can read from beginning to end, and then loop back to the beginning (where the first word of the poem would follow the last), then no, that wasn't really my intention. But I see how it could be read that way - it works! The abruptness of the ending had a different purpose which may have to remain obscure... ;)

    Loops and looping are a big part of techno though. Part of the buzz of techno is when it loops you into a trance, only to suddenly shock you out of it by blowing your expectations out of the water - breaking the loop, then looping off into something else. Kind of like improvising on/around riffs in jazz (which is another form of music that I love).

  6. Stu,

    Many thanks for this, and in general for being direct and forthcoming about helping your readers. Of course your intentions for what you do are only part of what's there to be found, just as what we take away is limited by our own intentions... but once all this work by everybody is going on it begins to add up to something greater than the sum of the something, I suspect, as long as the thing that applies at both ends is "I'm just a soul whose intentions are good..." (another kind of music).

    Best, T

  7. Tom, of course you're right about intentions and the act of reading.

    I could sing 'Oh lord, please don't let me be misunderstood', but better to not get too hung up on my own intentions...