Friday, July 24, 2009

Spinning Room 14/7/09

Made my first visit to The Spinning Room last week. Tuesdays are not normally a night I'm able to head to gigs, but I made an exception to see Maxine Clarke perform. Actually this was the third time I'd seen her (first at the Unusual Work #7 launch, then at the opening night of the Emerging Writers' Festival). She didn't disappoint, with a set of poem-songs and hip-hop stylings that covered all bases: witty, edgy, sexy... It was good to chat to her afterwards, plus I picked up a copy of her chapbook original skin.

Open section was cool too. I got in on the act, reading a couple of newies: 'cafe date' and 'snow/shy'.

The size and atmosphere of the room seems perfect for poetry & performance. The fact there's no need for a mic creates an intimate vibe. Jon and Anth do a great job of running the show too, keeping everyone entertained and on their toes.

Well it took me long enough to finally make it down (I'd been meaning to for... like... years) but I'll be back!


  1. You got to meet Maxine! What a fantastic poet and performer. 'Original Skin' is brilliant, I have two copies. One day I am going to have make the big trip south and crash the party, I think.

  2. Haha, yeah I think it'd be worth your while.

    Haven't properly sat down with 'original skin' yet, but I'll get to it soon.

  3. Bah! One of these days I'm going to turn up at the same gig as you instead readign posts like this and thinking "Curses! I nearly went to that gig too!!" :)

  4. Hey Tim,

    Yeah what's with that? I figure there's a good chance we'll see each other at Overload, though. :)

  5. Hey Stu, thanks for posting on the gig. & looking forward to seeing more of your work at Overload.

  6. No worries! See you on the Overload trail. :)