Tuesday, January 08, 2008

(by way of) introduction

Some 200 posts in, figured it was time to write an intro to this here blog.

In my practice at least, where there's poetry, there are petri dishes & test tubes, lab rats in lab coats. Everything is experiment. Some failed, some foiled. Some sometimes semi-successful?
(only to be dragged down by lame alliteration)

I post stuff here once it's reached some degree of 'readiness' (my judgement can sometimes be wayward, but hey). Once it's posted, I will continue to edit it on here. Everything here is 'in progress' / unfinished; there are annoying roadworks everywhere.

More recent posts are likely to be the most raw, therefore. Sometimes I'll fall out of love with a piece and
it will disappear off the face of the blog.

Fact is, I go through phases and moods, like some old moon.

If you want to taste a sample of my work, and see how it has evolved (or not), check out the 'specials' list on the sidebar for poems which are special for one reason or another. Some are personal favourites, some are dedicated to friends, some received accolades, etc.
Published poems are also tagged (if you click on the tag all published poems will surface). The links to 'poems elsewhere' on the sidebar is also worth a look. The 'kindred' and 'miscellany' listings provide useful escape routes if you just want to get the hell outta here.

This place started purely as a repository for my poems, but more recently I've been looking to add spice by way of quotes, audio and 'videopoems' (more on those later). In future I'd like to post more of my own ravings re poetics, etc. I'm aiming to feature a variety of content, and am always open to comments and suggestions.

So then, maybe this is more disclaimer than intro.

- Your humble apologist (shown below in pretentious chin-stroking bookshelf-backdropped mode)


  1. i'd like to suggest more pretentiousness - it's what a poetry blog needs. perhaps the photo could have featured you standing in front of some arcane 1st editions? perhaps by candlelight?

    at any rate, i'm reading.

  2. More pretentiousness? Duly noted.

    (Pssst... don't encourage me!)

    Anyhow, I'm well chuffed that you're having a read.

  3. I too am reading. Candlelight for the next photo, definitely.


  4. I'm in agreement that this is possibly not quite pretentious enough. And I am fairly sure you should be wearing a corduroy jacket from an op shop in any future images. ;) But I do like that you put it on an angle, that is edgy and arty.

    Recently a few of us Aussie Bloggers got together and opened the Aussie Bloggers forum so I thought I'd shoot you a quick comment to invite you along. It is a place for Aussie Bloggers to connect with each other, promote their blogs among fellow Aussies, learn more about blogging in general, and get help with blog troubleshooting when necessary from helpful Aussies. The forums can be found here - Aussie Bloggers Forum

    If you'd like to join us, we'd love to see you there. With or without poetry and pretentious chin stroking. ;)