Sunday, July 05, 2009

camberwell (2009)

trained it to camberwell same journey looped over years & years until landscape no longer unzips / late model hunter-gatherer’s tatty green bags lugging foodstuffs from supermarket a muchness of foot traffic kerb-trade all this is just hairdressing / trees bow to the powerlines as they should to avert skyshow this auspicious horizon evening city advertises itself blue white red


arrive safely home spoilers evaded in time to catch leftover epiphanies the new set top box’s signal sometimes shy of colour / ensconced in a comfort suburb pushing boundaries like bending spoons on late-night special / m.j.’s death gets uri geller back into primetime like broadcasts are mere real estate don’t forget it camberwell boy such sagacity can seed a career


  1. Great writing Stu.
    I had to wear a dictionary a lot, cause words here where pretty though, but it more than worth it all.

    -all this is just hairdressing, It feels like that but I do not know why. It fells more like make up, a temporary facade.
    -Late model hunters-gatherers keep changing faster than the last. Indeed they still have the same name, cause changes don't give time to choose a new proper one.
    -pushing boundaries for the blind you meant? or the imaginary ones?
    -of course that prime time like broadcast are mere real state. That is a great one.

  2. Thanks Mariana.

    There are quite a few local references in this one. Camberwell is a 'well-to-do'/bourgeois suburb in Melbourne, where perhaps anyone 'pushing boundaries' risks being viewed as some kind of freak. Or that's sometimes how it feels to me, anyway.