Thursday, January 28, 2010

amor fati (2009)

begin anywhere

working backwards from
this low
(for example)

(no matter how dumped
you ...)

(how misty
you ...)

some through-thought will arrive

a shuttle/shifter, e.g.:

‘let’s go somewhere
crowded, I feel
like a lot of people


drop through the city

nearing completion

‘nothing I would
or would not change’

in this weave/fabric

Below: 'Fate of Zero'; computer-graphical study by Georg-Johan Lay (click image to enlarge).


  1. I like your zen-ness here, your openness to/acceptance of the karmic necessity of whatever happens during the writing process. Begin anywhere, trusting that some through-thought will occur to you. Though you didn't leave "dropper" in the weave/fabric, did you? Didn't you originally have "dropper/ drop through the city"? Which I thought was kind of cool: "drop" seemed to drop from "dropper." I imagined a giant medicine dropper bombarding a city. Now I have to think about your revision...

  2. Thanks for your thoughts, David.

    At this stage I've reverted back to "dropper / drop through the city", though of course nothing is fixed.

  3. Cheers, Mariana! Thanks for having a read. :)