Friday, August 28, 2009

positive poem (2009)


lit, possible

‘outcomes-based’ (?!)

(largely) undistracted

spring shaping
(to be scintillant)

nothing to delete


  1. Cool, that is a positive poem and I like they way it uses so many devices to make it (almost) smile.

  2. It is beautiful. I think the change of sounds to contrasting at the end, 'spring scintillant, delete', it's impossible to say these sounds without using the same facial muscles that are used for smiling. Now call me crazy but everytime I read this beautiful poem I end up smiling. Oh don't tell anyone bout that mechanism, Stu. It's a secret we poets should keep to ourselves.

  3. I really appreciate your feedback, Paul.

    I'm very conscious of sound in my poems. Although I often find the sound or rhythm I have in my head is difficult to replicate when I actually perform the poem. The difference between 'sight-rhythms' and spoken rhythms, maybe.