Saturday, August 01, 2009

otoliths 14 goes live

Check out the cover and contents...

Including work by Kirsten Kaschock, Pat Nolan, Márton Koppány, Jim Meirose, Anne Gorrick, Caleb Puckett, Peter Schwartz, Fredrick Zydek, Ed Baker, Ross Brighton, Derek Henderson, John M. Bennett, John M. Bennett & Sheila E. Murphy, Raymond Farr, Jill Chan, John Martone, Bob Heman, Philip Byron Oakes, Ric Carfagna, Eileen R. Tabios, Justin Mulrooney, Jeff Harrison, Eric Burke, K. R. Copeland & Jeff Crouch, Crane Giamo, Paula Kolek, Daniel f Bradley, Arthur Leung, Joseph Harrington, Iain Britton, Thomas Fink, Tan Lin, Kristine Marie Darling , Joel Chace, Paul Siegell, Mariana Isara, Jay Snodgrass, Bill Drennan, Jill Jones, Stu Hatton, Nicholas Michael Ravnikar, Mara Patricia Hernandez, Felino Soriano, Matt Hetherington, Marcia Arrieta, Charles Freeland, Vernon Frazer, Grzegorz Wróblewski, Julian Jason Haladyn, Martin Edmond, harry k stammer, Reed Altemus, Randall Brock, Anny Ballardini, sean burn, A. Scott Britton, David-Baptiste Chirot, Joan Harvey, Mary Ellen Derwis, Bobbi Lurie, John Moore Williams, Sarah Ahmad, Scott Metz, Theodoros Chiotis, & Sheila E. Murphy.

That's a great list of names, in my humble opinion. I'm very happy to have four poems in the mix.
Thanks once again to Mark Young for accommodating some of my less well-behaved efforts...


  1. I like those pieces you have in there a lot Stu. They are really strongly written and the technique never overcomes the content.

  2. Thanks, Paul. Glad you like them. 'want' is the most recent and exploratory piece, whereas the other three I'd been fine-tuning for a matter of years, so it's good to get them out there.

  3. Enjoyed reading your poems.

    "hurl down a galaxy of glass" is an excellent line.

  4. Glad you enjoyed them, Anna.

    So long as you realise I don't always write such dark/morbid/bleak stuff...!