Saturday, August 22, 2009

deleted scenes (2009)

ignore what was said while high
esp. w/ regard to moneys

we half-met at the party / so
rude of me (gushy, italicised?)

<----reverse thrust (er ...) re-entry anx / sedation damn suspect eyes / the parents not so naive a total lack / while peaking ... so much nothing to notate


  1. Nice poem, it seems here you are worried about not seeing certain things, but it is a double edge sword you ignore them in order for you not to see them., but they are lurking inside you working slowly, eroding the box you put them in them to escape from them.
    But parents always wanna ignore things about their kids.

  2. Very interesting interpretations. For me there's definitely anxiety in this, but humour also.

    The poems I post aren't necessarily about me directly expressing my own feelings/experiences, by the way.

  3. I know that are not necesarily about you at all, cause for the little I know you there are some things that could not match with you, but I write in first person I guess because it is easier for me, otherwise I guess I should say in the poem or it says there, or something like it, which is longer to write for me. I hope it is not horribly confusing the way I comment about texts from artists, or too prone to be missunderstood.

  4. No, that makes perfect sense, Mariana.