Monday, April 13, 2009

Now Showing: Sein und Werden 'cinematique'

The latest edition of Manchester-based literary mag Sein und Werden has just been released, with the theme being 'cinematique'.

As Rachel Kendall says in her editorial, 'Within this issue you will find an exceptional collection of material that celebrates and creatively imitates the masters of cinema and their genre, and in so doing, brings about a whole new expression of film literature.'

My poem 'Forkhead' (based on David Lynch's Lost Highway) is in the online edition, while 'desist' (based on Stan Brakhage's desistfilm) has been published in the print edition.

Congratulations to Rachel on the birth of her daughter Violet, to whom this issue is dedicated.


  1. hey stu
    good to hear from ya. yeah, really looking forward to the EWF. your panel looks good too. I'll be around to catch it. hope you can make that artist party! will be good to yack.

  2. For sure mate, the party should be fun.

  3. That is a very cool poem, a great reading of the fillum and collapsing of genre. There's a kind of technical self-awareness in the poem like there is in the fillum too. Very cool.