Friday, April 24, 2009

fled (2009)

the hell out of there knew no future as exploitee / where to store your head when not on display no talk of illness injury being firewalled topics staff assistance program sap a click away / each day a parade so much sanity well-groomed from birth better cage that impulse to bark back across mute walls chafing entire floors of employed passivity rewarded recognised surely someone has to bite such suicide-proof furniture / what’s that you’re writing don’t tell me poetry so you’re the one with idiot dostoyevsky wallpaper ‘isolative’ scrawled on your file / maintain your desk ocd-neat sure pin your family to cubicle partition why not a soft toy as juju of joy childhood spent on that other planet unsuspicious & you won’t be reaching for such cuteness your first social drink with us the ropes show we’re all friends here / so what’re the gel-caps you’re sneaking each break too long in the loo praying for firedrill better yet fire / are you the one reading proust poor thing / you really ought to be secure here why tempt anything rash we’ve come to realise let yourself be valued it’s such a womb we’re one big crippled family & trust any expressed desire to leave evidences your need to stay

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