Saturday, April 25, 2009

leashed (2009)

again broke up with yourself
as in flexed those vows of asceticism
left you ghosting gutter-desirous that countergirl
with sky-blue specs at the pharmacy
all you could manage was wanting
to spell her backwards to clap her hands for her
can such natured intent ever be masked
under gush of cosmetic lighting what with
frou-frou fragrances flocking
over from storefront real heady
& she health-white uniformed amply precocious
intuits your what-a-man gaze but
rather than pursue this pipe
go fossick for words back home
cook some text on the theme
this how you fight off urge
to crash/wash out illicit
& instead sedate another hour
so much visual stim steams the mirror
“wtf, bestial technologies?”
rudeboys giggle across the block
what might they download for laughs
whatever, unserious ain’t your look
you’re far too cursèd certainly
& check how you blush
sure could’ve ended worse
just grabbed your prescription
& zoomed luck
y you


  1. I like your writting skills, here comes my feeble attempt:

    When I get frustrated, first thing I do, to comfort myself, is go to the pharmacy with a rivotril recipie, stole from my mom's wordrobe. I tend to check every single detail from the pharmacist that is suppose to handle my prescription to the cashier.
    My perception of the pharmacist can alter my mood profoundely. I can not help taking the pill as soon as I get it.Nevertheless I try to write, read, create devices, etc.., in order to fight the anxiety induce urge with the bestial technology that evolved inside humans allowing us to enjoy art even dough it hasn't got any evolutionary benefit.
    Art lure us with it's instant provided satisfaction.
    Am I too fucked up? Yeah, and so is everybody else.

  2. Very interesting... especially this notion of art having no evolutionary benefit. I mean, no one would argue that creativity (per se) has no evolutionary benefit, because obviously the products of creativity aren't limited to art. It could be argued that art = 'creativity for its own sake', and therefore holds no evolutionary benefit. However, doesn't the practice of art maintain (if not expand) the creative capacities of the species?

    Some of the art I like provides 'instant satisfaction' (particularly music), but I'd say the majority of art that I like does not do this. I like having to do some work for my chocolate.

  3. I don't mind doing some work as long as there is chocolate there in the end. The problem is knowing that there will be chocolate before the work is done, time after all is the only true commodity. Your poems are wild, I must admit I struggle with them but in the end, there is more than chocolate, there is a kind of wisdom in the shattered vision.

  4. Thanks for the feedback, Paul. That means a lot to me (really). I agree that most of my recent stuff is 'wild', in the sense that it's raw and untamed. All of the recent pieces here are still works in progress, perhaps yet to take their shape.

    I've been writing mainly 'experimental' stuff lately, but occasionally I like to write things which are more direct / accessible. For instance, I've been working on a longer piece for a little while which is based on my experiences during a ten-day meditation retreat. It's haiku-like at times, and aims for simplicity of expression. I'd be interested to see what you make of it, once it's posted. :)

  5. This poem is really great. It has a very precise sense of carelessness, if that makes any sense. I love "health-white". I get the sense that this is about an addiction to writing, or using writing to avoid substances. Though, considering the sonnet-esque turn at the end, it could be about relapse.

    "cursèd" is tonally way off and yet it somehow fits PERFECTLY. That seems to be one of your acute skills--sort of like what C.D. Wright calls "tuning your instrument [language] against your ear". It works superbly in your case.

    Nice poem, man!

  6. Great one, Stu. Love the pace and the energy of it.

  7. Hey DC and Nathan, thanks for having a read. I really appreciate your comments. :)