Wednesday, August 15, 2007

surveillance (2007)

9:38am sinuses go to war

navel gazes back at me, floats
a question:
“who did this to you?”

these burns, slits, scratches
are fabulous

(eager to share)

enjoy the waiting,
skin’s self-repair


11:16am have erased everything
sold my guitar

tantrum in-grown

dust rushes the room

still know all the words for food


12:00pm ‘life gets you
in the knees’

scratch reflex
spreading parasites

while the sun multitasks


5:20pm sky is boy’s & girl’s
(pink clouds stretched)

still know all the words for food

& know you from photos
(in some your face survives)

5:46pm was once a great lover
of books

serrated fingernails,
bleed from scratching

smell of breath mints


8:12pm maximum dark

eyes suck on monitor-glow

no recent updates

a joint to curl me:
night passes quickly this way

muted TV
reminds me: haven’t eaten


10:18pm haven’t eaten

(all these demands)

taste my teeth:
breath mints

head tilts toward kitchen


2:13am the flawless setup

wired, rigged
no need to rise
from keyboard

eyes unblinking,
learning you


2:14am frosty monochrome
intercepting your walk

(that onscreen brittleness)

& full volume
your pulse
charging the speakers

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