Wednesday, May 02, 2007

unplugged (2007)

day two of rehab

the raw bed
no exits
air soured by puke

steel-cold / sleepless,
fingers heavy with days

deserted eyes
running city steam-alleys
to cut a repair deal

ever try a sprint lying down?
(it's exhausting)

the stories I hid in the city
have scattered, escaped into films
(my brainchild their goldmine)

outside of visiting hrs
a squad of ghosts
makes another sweep


  1. hey! you are still writing. thats great!
    totally forgot that you are from australia. im actually thinking of applying to a few australian med schools ^^

  2. Yeah, don't think I'll stop writing any time soon. ;)

    Who knows, maybe I'll see you out here... good luck with your applications!

  3. Stu,thanks for dropping by my place.I'm visiting your place and enjoying it.