Monday, April 23, 2007

Mascara and POAM

The first edition of online poetry journal
Mascara has now hit the virtual shelves. It features poetry by Christopher Kelen, Jan Owen, Nathan Curnow, Ouyang Yu, Keri Glastonbury, Charles D'Anastasi, Ross Donlon and many more... including two poems (Drive-thru and Portrait of Ledong Qui) by yours truly, along with a shameless 'look at me standing in front of all these books' photo.

I was also the 'feature poet' in the April/May issue of POAM, 'museletter' of the Melbourne Poets Union. They chose to publish Inscriptions as an example of my work. A previous version of this poem had appeared in Unusual Work.


  1. Hey stu
    congrats on yr mentorship win. might get to meet you at Dorothy Porter's launch on May 10 if you're coming.

    nathan curnow

  2. Hi Nathan,

    Yes I'll be there - look forward to meeting you!