Friday, March 10, 2006

I go through days quiet (2006)

I go through days quiet

question everything

esp. food & language

(what is food anyway?)

type more words than I speak

despise all ringtones

try to arbitrate disputes amongst mad friends

(by appealing to possibilities of egolessness)

hunt down missing shreds of laughter


my favourite poems tend to house collectible jokes

like O'Hara letting himself go

with the wind, out of traffic

"Lana Turner we love you get up"

I like to let go

like this or like

Daredevil swinging blind on the nightsky

- anything to dodge being a passenger -

letting go the easiest, the hardest thing

(helps if you don't question every single shift of sky)

"try not to run away from yourself" she said

but I run til I feel elevated

I run til I am rain

I go through days quiet

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