Tuesday, March 14, 2006

cashed (2006)

was cashed up dangling fifties hundreds over the bar lights shallow red amber faces chronic firelike my good friend Greg conjuring joints sparking up / smoked up loose inspired selecting fancy cocktails from fancy menu talking up at ease with tongue letting it flick & lash bringing the punchline in to land timing it tight being real sophists drawing attention dwarfing our usual shrunken selves spying work of art women thinking they’re spies like us / my good friend Greg on the phone hooked up to the apparatus trying to hook us trying for 350 for cut 400 for pure pure-ish wallet prepped in position are we good we’re good to go yeah Johnny will be here in 20 what a guy

A previous version of this poem was published in hutt 2.5.

You can hear a performance of this poem towards the end of this radio interview (which is available for download as an mp3).

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  1. love this ! vivid imagery and great tone, really draws you in.