Friday, March 03, 2006

Charisma (2006)

When was the last time you faked charisma?

Were you wasted?

Profiling your interests for a dating site?

(“wild parties, latin dancing, balloon sculpture”)

Sometimes making a fake is a waste, like breaking a lake or trying to pick up in a pickup.

Sometimes language is a loser and dejected hacks are behind everything...


The way we are a couple of days after getting loved up on pills is the opposite of charisma:

our faces deserted, all but the most animal entertainment fails;

all is lost (until found again).

‘Suicide Tuesday’: my manager wears charisma like headdress feathers of an Indian Chief that I see reflected on my monitor while he peers, arms folded, behind me.

(If I was born again as an officeworker I’d hope to be blind; who needs the protesting eyes, carcinogens, under-appreciation, murderous décor?)

Figure that only some freak emergency can save me; daydream that somewhere, in another corner of hyperspace (hmm... why not in a gym?), disaster has dropped: trampling hordes / malfunctioning alarms / charisma leaking everywhere

As published in bambikino 9, November 2008.

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