Tuesday, June 14, 2005

the now (2005)

quando l'amor divino mosse di prima quelle cose belle *

(Dante, Inferno, Canto I, XLII)

[in a club with writhing lampshades]

a first for you: being opened to see, be

[all light and movement tilted, stretched in order to reach closer]

a first for you and I, of many: allowing words to pass naked between

[once naked, our resemblances observed]

we mirror in quietude, fragility, peaceseeking, truthmaking

[quietude: the lake so tranquil that even a fallen feather would shatter]

[emergence: these hours when the seed somehow begins to explore, beyond itself]

to surrender and be guided, without design or hand

[fire lit -uncontained- continues to this moment, then beyond]

altitude is attained: no dropping from this point, never coming down

[the drugs don't work, they just make you work]

I know I'll see your face again, star-encrusted dreamface of thee

[ascension: all is dream]

our other sleeping selves: rugged-up rulebound / drugged-up doublecrossed

[see us carefree like never]

before we could turn any further, we are met by the future

[waved on by the seraphim, pilots of otherworldly lamplighting above]

sure signals, uninterrupted messages, no mixed signs

["You know Monica, this is very intense."]


[my fingers unpuppetstrung comb through cascading hair: your hair]

disbelief, that of a spectator to oneself in dream

[our ease of touching]

as if we were paired before, in other translucent waters

[it's now and we kiss. we kiss now. here, we, kissing the now.]

Translation: "... when divine love first moved these things of beauty..."

'The Drugs Don't Work' by The Verve, lyrics by Richard Ashcroft, (c) 1997 Hut Recordings

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