Thursday, June 02, 2005

Nightsight (2003)

Nah, see, I need the extra...
(craving excess to

blot memory)
... my friend, my so-called friend,
took the money, the knife's still
in me -

(ran skywards with the

I want to find a home for tonight,

to crashland -
what's your smile look like
from a pillow, bobbing over me?

(the amateur crackwhore plays,
temptation, the ride, enlargement,
camera-flash, catwalk behind the

Deep down, baby, we're all sin,
guilt & ugly, & I want to show you
that, shower you, spend my loose change,

smoke another baseball
bat, turn you over, & over

I'm seeing things, ghosts patrol
this room, our eyes are

under fire, under power, scales
loaded, cash-fucking you, we
deprave, we slave down)

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