Thursday, June 02, 2005

Bed of Memories (1995)

Even though you 'had to' let me fall,
I think I still take a place in your mind.
On spring days you come home and then you find
That there is no one else there at all.
The angels in your head curve your sweet lies;
You can't wait to make them do things to you -
Motions you dream up through a haze of blue.
I force my way through, your image dies,
You have no choice but to dream of me.
So we dance together atop your bed,
I'm the bright star in the back of your head.
As you close your eyes at night you see.

During the day you will be in doubt,
But on your ceiling, seek me out.

As published in Farrago, Volume 74, Edition 6, Tuesday 6th June 1995.

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