Wednesday, March 23, 2005

We meet in the night, dark club interior... (2002)

For Raymon

I split your cigarette, my arm unruly in
transit but there were faster things, faster
than us - while this was slow, like a mountain.

You showed me your drawings of this city,
buildings in brokenspace. We sat under the lights'
distributions, our dream eyes submerged in
the cavern once again, with the storms.

I don't doubt you'll know me, infinitely:
with our feelings in coma, out of coma and
in again, we wake without sleeping.

You showed me to ennervate brave feeling
brave image. Here flow sounds that send us
each and all around fire; these friends we
call out to across continents of quagmire.

We in our element, and a glimpse -
I and You in motion, glad in dark.

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