Monday, March 21, 2005

an origami bird (2005)

(after E.E. Cummings)

where else did i go sometimes back then
when i was flying lighter (like
an origami bird ?

and you do know that a bird not born
but imagined from paper (greenblue
turquoise can fly if you only give it air
to fly in ?

what else was there back when i
swallowed all the noises i could get
my hands on, and voices, and rolled
around (in all the colours ?

whats that mummydaddy (thats a blue,
banana, badger, bignose, bank
teller man, balloon, budgerigar, a
brightbubblingbabybuttonbaabiscuitbird !

i was always bathing in the sounds
and (their words ,

there was so much else to do but i dont
think the litter of halfcrossed leftover lists i
think crystal days (with the sea set up for
days of swimming !

when it was a skill of simplicity to submerge
without trace into secret rooms (in the
greendeep garden of home !

flight of origami bird through cool chambers
of bushes (amber with autumn brushed by
the hand that carries the bird tween thumb
forefinger lightly rising and dipping ,

when so loud was every mystery and
clear (because id shout and sing them to
anyone or myself and shiny answers rising
would appear ).

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