Friday, November 20, 2009

power ballad (2009)

day's dawning, skin's crawling
__pure morning

- Placebo, 'Pure Morning'

who is ever still,
__here in the live feed?

(could go every way)

peering at decisions,
__drinks list

she pierces the yolk-bubble,
__dribbles yellow

everyone loves to be ignored,
__nonchalant or chalant,
____swooping on ignorance

days when you don’t want your name

the future’s correct,
__be so sure

fiction wins

'augmented reality'
__a letdown
____(teleprompter ≠ teleporter)

night opens to speed
__farms out fragments
____raided by addicts

placebo’s pure morning
__a tweaker anthem,
____meth’s power ballad

crystal methamphetamine,
__a naked eraser


  1. I love that song, I love it, and your poem is supreme, I think that everybody talks in a way that they do not communicate to the other
    therefore they are asking to be ignored, it is implicit in their (no)communication. People do not want to be heard, they just want to talk

  2. It is a great song. And I know exactly what you mean about talk, talk, talk.

    It's great to see you back in the blogosphere, Mariana. :)