Wednesday, November 11, 2009

amsterdam (2009)

so cut off narrowed
in amsterdam bent
in ambers of bicycle
together drink-
ing music through
separate headphones
or in the fountain-
park watching tall
five-year-olds gun
freestyle soccer as
on canal floats
mix genders
grins streamers the
pink drink for free at
pride parade: ‘prik
power’ little self-
conscious holding
the can could be
the weed thinking
feel thinking’s such
a feeling van gogh
such a seer galleries
as headshops smart-
shoppers did you
ever see the night
watch the night
disembodied like
in-game nulltime
stoned to the point
of not escaping
red light district
which took so long
to find my mother
bites the ’dam off as
dirty though questions
of transparency who
wants to be seen to
be free via vondel-
park caught the
last wave of shrooms
back to the trees
where we fell back
and back the reign
of the bicycle cult


  1. This is excellent, I love the pace, the stream of consciousness. I was in Amsterdam years ago, too young to hit the herb cafes but this poem just brought back rapid fire memory images behind my eyes.

  2. Cool, thanks for having a read.

    I've been to Amsterdam a couple of times. Parts of it are beautiful, and I'd like to go back again, but on the other hand I'd probably prefer to explore other parts of the Netherlands which aren't so tourist-driven.