Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Things we lost in the fire (2006)

we were just punks doing stuff
with wiring (ours, mainly)
(not exactly flush with cash)

trading in unwanted body parts,
recycled mirrorglass,
thrones, pendants, oversize teasets

we dressed all arcane: black, obviously,
but with strips of amber like roadworkers

we played Vampire & Cyberpunk
through ephedrine summer nights
& sheltered disfigured birds in the basement

our neighbours took us for Goths,
alerted the police;
our friends, straightfaced,
called us ‘clerics of refuse’

we combed treasure for trash,
anything flammable
& built the fire as an artwork,
working title 'offering'

once lit, it proved a popular exhibit
and we finally met the neighbours
but didn’t stick around
to greet the fire department

the fire took us right back to basics
as a 'true' work of art should;
thinking survival, we paired off,
got snagged on jobs & coping drugs

the birds escaped to South America

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