Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bored poem (2007)

“Sometimes I think we should worry more about what evil we are losing.” – Chris Tonelli, from Walks are Useless. So are Poems. (

plans slide so calm it snooze the alarm wants us to care again why not mix up the day tabs with the night thieving entire back catalogue the legwork done for you on this site hell your jaded debut sank without trace in blizzard of popups nothing will ever be so flawless golden rookie of promise a (yawn) why not be bored for a second try the erotic cakes ever-elastic stretches of boredom phone myself saying things without thinking smoking
way too many blunts largely a lost decade I didn’t guffaw didn’t care it was what it was: a business deal in the pipes for some time though the payoff leans into the mic a capella strut closely resembles most vital warrior photo shoots million-seller glossies arse kissy tongue tutorial forge a lucrative gambling career zero chance anti-star gutter-soul dice game internet's monopoly bulletproofs your heart not wagered though would-be screenwriter’s dazzling technique torrents what’s on their minds tools of the procrastination trade their strongbox-hefting mercenaries accept portion of blame for shortcomings ironic pleasures of the modern age call it what you will I mean hello that’s what the delete key is for folks

Image by Chris Jordan.

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