Sunday, December 17, 2006

rock & roll (2006)

“Look out honey ‘cos I’m using technology”

– Iggy Pop, from The Stooges’ Search & Destroy

In there,
____-the unpretty of my head, there’s
-_the rock and roll,
prehistoric cave!!! furs, sweat & bone-piles!!!
__Iggy imping like a grin made flesh,
_______deadpan screams,

“We’re driving sex machines
_-we have many gears to go
we’ve had many years

____In Uniform !!!

___-You got nothin'
on today
___-let’s get nothin'

______-on today !!!”

Iggy imping like a grin made flesh
___cuts some lust,


____she’s not so hot
______-on record /
___spectacular live

______________she so young
____________& empty

want her bad
& want her bad
__-want double meaning
____want triple meaning

She's happening to me

___(watch me die)

She's closer than a drug.

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