Thursday, December 14, 2006

Melbourne (an ode) (2006)

Melbourne so cruel in your coolness Melbourne
so cool in your cruelty / ok that’s a tad
harsh but that makes two of us my dear oh
dear you can’t wear that oh boy you can wear
thaaat boy you must be feeling festive / Melbourne
stars strung over your streets your fruitsellers
some of the best in a tight situation a girl
in tartan skirt short
but not slutty walks ahead clearly excited
highfives the VB streetsign above the bottleshop oh
Melbourne is that you? / sometimes heroic enough
to flash a bit of underbelly a little flabby but don’t
open any more gyms don’t close any more
public housing Melbourne
your mystics are lazy & need somewhere to live
when the street kicks them out in favour of paying customers
who wouldn’t know why or which gutter poses to adopt
for looking at the stars


  1. I love the pace of this piece. It rambles along like a walk through crowded city streets. Also, I'm not sure if you had this in mind, but it reminds me of Ginsberg's 'America'. A sort of pleading inquisition to a transient city.


  2. Thanks my friend! I'm sure 'America' was an unconscious influence. AG is always in there somewhere, getting his fingers dirty! ;)