Friday, October 06, 2006

draft wording for revolution : from balcony at Blue Train (2006)

“... valuables unattended” : the CBD a 3D graph : brightcoloured banners of Southbank fatten in wind

love you when random : “who in their right mind would even paint the river that colour?”

Blue Train kitchen clatters like tournament knights : reject the see-saw table we’re shown to : pull more napkins than needed : #4 pizza

sips of sidetalk : score some cred? : try swimming the Yarra : “are you for real?” : gales of laughter

“how many secret lives are played?” : graduates of the self-help section : get an edge : no handholds : bust a critique : “can’t kick can’t run can’t tackle” : why we got mired in fandom

conversation slips to politics : bluff through buzzword city : tad earnest : “could you ever love a patriot?” : wave stats like flags while we jiggle teabags

mark this urgent : sale must end! : stocktake : “could you feed our world while we’re away?” : planet’s lungs morph into soya beans : amazon dot gone : hybrid seeds won’t reproduce

we brainstorm : waves form waveforms : hang a sec : quick : need to write this down : can beat them on paper : we can be heroes : a few words of our own : a few bricks up our sleeves

cut to Planet America : juicer running backs built like tanks : big fish with big guns : and we, blind photographers

kidding ourselves : sorry speak up I can't quite : “another drink?” : “sorry guys, we're going to need this table...”

fallback : resolve split in the sore spot : so rooted, futures dim conventional : how we slide : soak all night in unmarked bars

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  1. I really like this <3

    Hope you don't mind me looking @ your blog (I got it off your post in words, BL)