Monday, August 28, 2006

Partings (2006)


My grandma leaves a cavernous voicemail message, hesitant,
gnawing at silence
like she’s hauled before an expectant room
(we ready ourselves for messages) /

(how we ready ourselves for leaving)
Her antique receiver
clatters, cuts


Amped, jumpy
hopscotching a crowd
Eyes on timetable

Smote /

left to sulk out in the

It’s cold, let’s
Erect a pyramid (or a graph)
Let’s behavioural addictions

Would you mind taking a photo of us?


Felafel Kitchen oranges like a Dutch
home game

Garden salad songs

Once ate here every day
for 3 wks

“When the war broke out, the first
problem was food”
(Our wild oats)

This war's a strange one,
________Sci-Fi /
___blister packs unpierced
but empty inside

In the park

flushed toddler cries herself happy
for a life of random


Yeah it’s yonks
we’re all trimmed, & eating well, new careers

Gotta go / I'm afraid

Sorry, but
saying goodbye is when

I get sociable

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