Monday, August 28, 2006

MWF '06

The Writers’ Festival =
a queue for coffee

Welcome to fawning, 2006
Many dying great masturbators in the one
Mingling room, begging to join them (one last dance?)
Feted, decorated (nod nod)
Aren’t we all so widescreen ? /
______Hi-def ?

One of my friends met Tim Flannery
Without realising it at first
(she has a great laugh)

Another we saw her
9:45am unslept at Flinders St,
About to catch a train to bed
Having ‘picked up’ & landed at
Sofitel (wowee zowee)
No doubt we’re talking one of the greats


  1. My thoughts exactly (though more poetically expressed, of course!)

  2. Thanks! :)

    I should add that I had a great time at the festival. Although the sessions I attended tended to be a little sparse audience-wise, they were all eye-opening and cleverly conceived.