Monday, March 01, 2010

upcoming & recent

This Friday I'll be heading along to the monthly reading at Caffe Sospeso.
I enjoyed the last installment, which featured David Gilbey and Randall Stephens, plus there was plenty of quality in the open mic. This Friday features Derek Motion versus Nathan Curnow; the theme is domestic rock 'n' roll. Hmmm... if I read in the open mic I might have to tweak that to 'undomesticated' rock 'n' roll. Maybe.

I also went to see Matt Hetherington's feature at the Dan a few weeks ago. Great stuff from Matt... a really diverse set... at times enigmatic, often hilarious... unexpected, vivid... showing no fear of honesty.

Something I couldn't make it to, unfortunately, was the Melbourne launch of Out of the Box: Contemporary Australian Gay and Lesbian Poets, edited by Michael Farrell and Jill Jones. It's a brilliant anthology - highly recommended.

Looking ahead... on Saturday March 13 I'll be at the Format Festival in Adelaide, featuring on a panel re: non-paper publishing as part of the 'Academy of Words'. Chances are I'll be talking about blogs and the online publication of poetry, and the discussion may also swerve into spoken word as a form of publishing.

And one to put in the diary: on Wednesday April 14 (6-8pm) I'll be at Readings Carlton for the launch of Miscellaneous Voices: Australian Blog Writing, which is to be published by Miscellaneous Press. This anthology, edited by Karen Andrews, will feature work by "James Bradley, Lisa Dempster, Angela Meyer, Jennifer Mills, A. S. Patric, Penni Russon, and many others." I'm one of the many others: my poem 'café date' will be in there, and I'll be giving a reading of it at the launch.


  1. hey stu

    I went to the sydney launch of 'out of the box', it was quite good, i particularly liked Martin Harrison reading his poem, 'Aubade' and Andy Quan reading 'Oath'. I think Martin had stronger poems in the book, or poems i like more anyway. it was the first poetry book-launch i've been to, one to keep me going. I should look for more literary events happening in syd...


  2. bummer, stu, woulda liked to have had a lil yack with you, but i have my daughter that night. (and derek 'n' clive woulda been interesting to see, too... :-) domestic rock'n'roll? nice theme! thanks for the kind, (and heartwarming in autumn) words, too, ol son.

  3. Hey Will, yeah was miffed I couldn't make it to the 'Out of the Box' launch. I'm sure the readings would've been great. Have you read the anthology? I think it's superb.

    Yeah bummer, Matt. Hope you have fun with Jess. I'm guessing Clive's your nick for Nathan, or was that some kind of Freudian slip? Clive Barker? Clive James?! Or should I read it "derek 'n' c live" (i.e. Curnow live)?

  4. hey stu,

    i'm one of the 'others' in Miscellaneous Voices too. (& I thought I was way famouser than Angela Meyer...)

    i really want to go to that one, mainly because my blog entry in it isn't a poem, & i've never been to any launch as a not-poet before. i expect a qualitatively different experience. i may not be able to make it though, in which case i'll simply blog about it...

    anyway, see you tomorrow i guess.

  5. yeah, i'm reading the anthology at the moment, you're right, it is superb!

  6. Hey Derek,

    Great that you're in MV too. Would be cool if you could make the launch as a 'not-poet'.

    Famouser than Angela? Stop, I'm feeling starstruck already.

    Anyway, see you tonight.