Friday, October 22, 2010

My book, How to be Hungry, is now available!

Well, I know I’ve been talking about this for ages, but my book of poems How to be Hungry is finally available.

How to be Hungry mainly features poems I’ve written since 2006, based around the theme of desire in its various forms.

You can order it online by following this link:
On that page you can also read the blurb, or download a preview, which includes the front and back cover and a short selection of poems from the book.

The cost of the book is $15, plus delivery. The delivery charge within Australia is currently $7.99 (check the site for delivery costs to other countries). Alternatively you can download the PDF file for $6. Note that Lulu is a US site, and these prices are in US dollars.

At this stage the book is not stocked in any bookshops. It may yet find its way into the odd specialist bookshop, but don’t expect to find it in your local Dymocks or Borders!

I expect I will have a launch in Melbourne at some stage (TBA).

Please feel free to spread the word to anyone you think might be interested.

I hope you enjoy the book. Putting it together has been … well … an odyssey!


* Note to editors of magazines/websites, etc: please let me know if you’re interested in reviewing the book, and would like to receive a review copy.


  1. Congratulations stu, that is a great achievement. I would love to buy a couple for me and for my friends, but I am short of money now (I ended working on one job and did not pay me what they where supposed to) and just sending the package that far would cost me a lot. But as soon as I find someone that travels, or get back on my feet with my finances I would love to own it.

  2. Thanks Mariana! I hope your job situation works out. That's terrible that you weren't paid correctly. :(

  3. Totally unrelated to your post Stu, but is the title of your blog supposed to be 'a collection of thoughts'? cause it says 'thoughs' not 'thoughts'... enjoying your poetry :)

  4. Hi Lisa,

    It is supposed to be 'a collection of thoughs' (deliberate 'typo'). You're not the first to ask the question though. I actually changed the blog title to something else because it had been a source of confusion/misspelling, etc, but a few regular readers of the blog protested because they liked the connotations of 'a collection of thoughs', and I ended up changing it back.

    It all seems academic to me now anyway, as this blog is pretty much over and done with as far as I'm concerned. It'll probably stay here, and I may post the occasional link, but I think I'm pretty much done with it.

    Glad to hear you're enjoying the poetry though. Hope you're having a happy festive season too. :)

  5. Keen to grab a copy, Stu, will let you know when I do

  6. Cheers Ashley, hope you enjoy it!

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  9. Interesting book. Do you have one that says "How Not be Hungry?" :D

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  10. Thanks !!!! It might be interesting book and i really want to read it..Congratulations for this great achievement...:):)

  11. I'm just seeing this blog today for the first time and I love it. I intend to order a book, today! I've also added myself as a member!

  12. Hi Alieux, thanks for your comment. I hope you enjoy the book, if you do end up ordering it. Best wishes, Stu.