Sunday, July 18, 2010

outrovert (2010)

there is much to keep silent about


that serial mic-in-mouth dream:

hardbodies mass,
your book-smarts
amount to nothing


the morning mopes,

hardly good smoking weather


a status bar wormscross-screen
to little purpose


timepoor breakfast
eaten off a mirror


fast-acting cap
slows the room
to baseline


you practise rolling dice

but there’s no

need to undress

that billboard girl

(she only ever loves a warrior)

Note: This poem begins and ends with lines ('there is much to keep silent about' and 'she only ever loves a warrior') from Nietzsche's On the Genealogy of Morals (translated by Douglas Smith, Oxford University Press, 1997). 

Below: image by Maureen Flynn-Burhoe


  1. I love this, the status bar worming along, and the fantastic title.

  2. good to see you back stu. and a cool poem as well.

  3. Cheers, Will. It's been a tough few months for me. First some crazily busy months, where I had very little time to write, and my focus had to be elsewhere. I kind of dried up. Lots of doubt and disillusionment.

    But right now the poems are flowing again, and I seem to be happier as a result. Hopefully this won't be shortlived...

  4. Awesome, Stu - love this one. The "timepoor breakfast eaten off a mirror" is a stand-out line, it has so much extra resonance when I read your comments too

  5. i understand man, i'm glad.
    if you've got a little more time on your hands (and when i get a little more on mine) i might email you, perhaps send along a few poems as well...
    all the best

  6. Cheers Ashley! Glad you like it.

    Will, feel free to throw an email and poems my way.

  7. there is much to keep silent about


    I've been thinking exactly that, lately.

    Yet... here we go again, over the falls.

    Great to be feeling your words again. Missed those far more than I ever missed... mmm... Disco. (For example.)

    Harry Kewell was unfairly done by I thought.

    But one must persevere. Wing and a prayer. Well, a prayer anyway.

    Cheers, T

  8. Oops, seems I owe you a long-overdue reply.

    With the Harry Kewell red card, I'm not sure it was deliberate. A tough call for the ref to make, but I can see why he made it.

    Most of my words have been kept silent lately. Lots of false starts, and the old backburner is getting plenty of use. Finding it hard to 'finish' things. At times I've considered throwing poems on the blog for scrutiny, to get them 'out there', but there's a lot of hesitation and doubt. Don't worry, I'm seeking help with all of this.

    Hope all is well with you, Tom.

  9. Hi stu, it is a pleasure to be able to read and enjoy your poems again. This one I loved, it is clearly yours due to your really interesting and particular style, it says in few words very deep things. Thanks for writting.

  10. Thanks Mariana. I think *maybe* I'm coming out of the drought.

    Good to see you're back posting again too.

    Take care!