Tuesday, March 23, 2010

foam:e 7

foam:e issue 7 is now live. This issue, edited by Louise Waller, features poems by Michael Aiken, Stuart Barnes, Hugh Behm-Steinberg, Iain Britton, Chris Brown, Sam Byfield, Julie Chevalier, Jennifer Chrystie, Stuart Cooke, Mark Cunningham, Alison Eastley, Angela Gardner, Patrick Green, Stu Hatton, Matt Hetherington, Jill Jones, Peycho Kanev, KJ, Natalie Knight, Kent MacCarter, Clyde McGill, Siofra McSherry, Adam Moorad, Kristine Ong Muslim, Jal Nicholl, Mark O'Flynn, Sergio Ortiz, Lyn Reeves, Ian Seed, Nathan Shepherdson, Paul Squires, Yassen Vasilev, Vlanes, Les Wicks, Jena Woodhouse, Enda Coyle-Green, Cherry Smyth and Enda Wyley, plus reviews by Derek Motion and Angela Gardner.


  1. I just read Gingatao blog, and was delighted to read his poems here, as I am now that I know I can also read more of yours. I commented to him the following regarding this site:
    "By the way wanted to tell you I been checking out that poetry journal, and discovered lots of amazing new writers and poems, thanks for letting me know it exists, I will bookmark it so I can read it more thoroughly and continue following the new stuff."
    You guys are surely on the right track, you inspire me my friend.

  2. Well Mariana, the inspiration is mutual. :)

    foam:e is a great site, I agree. I've very much enjoyed what I've read of issue 7 so far.

    And I'm excited that Laurie Duggan will be editing the next issue.

  3. Hi Stu! Congrats on the work in foam:e and also Mic Press, love 'drizzle of adjectives' great poem

  4. Cheers Ashley!

    I like your Moving Galleries piece. I travel on trains a lot so I keep seeing it occasionally.

    Also dig your poem in the latest Cordite.

    You never know, I might send you something for kipple. :)

  5. Awesome, Stu! Please do send me something for kipple!

    Wow, that's great about Moving Galleries, I've not actually seen it in the flesh, but it's nice to know other folks come across it.

    And thanks too, re: cordite - that was a pleasant surprise!