Monday, December 07, 2009

virus (2009)

(for Kat / props to Laurent Garnier)

techno is a virus throbbing
______munt-fodder glob stacker
_____tractions bluffer venom jugger
____null compressor den richter
___scales disturbor bots nicer
__loosed repeater stunblaster iris
_airlocks flooded spectrum gridshifts
glasstooth grinder misfitter stealth
_exhibit unexpected spectre pulse-flare
__omicron-wasp fluid accelerator blissed-on
___spitter madcap courtships culted brink
____cursives the roid belt unelected void
_____shapers strewn planetfall peak icebreak
______nano-roboscopic lifter phantasma
_______grabby bloater carbonate blunted
________mined dark-end quicksilver bloodline
_________spewer cloned samsara salad flak


  1. Supercool and throbbing like a big beat/engine in idle.

  2. Cool, it reads at an even 140 beats per minute.

  3. Glad you guys enjoyed it.

    140bpm is one of those sweetspots, that's for sure.

  4. So neat, excellent style, I think this is my favorite poem of yours regarding word sounds and witting style. I did even read it at a techno rhythm.
    (I can not help relating the opening line with "language is a virus from outer space" by Burroughs, I think the quote relates to your text)

    Take care stu

  5. Hi Mariana,

    You're right to relate the opening line to Burroughs. He's been in my thoughts quite a lot recently.

    Actually I recently read a transcript of a talk about the myths and manuscripts of Naked Lunch.

    In composing this poem I was very conscious of sound and rhythm. I'd just seen an amazing DJ set by Laurent Garnier, and my head was overflowing with the sounds of the set.

  6. I love that I have this in my book, in your handwriting :) Awesome night, full of inspiration from all sides.

  7. Yeah, I had a great night.

    That book of yours is full of wonders, irreplaceable moments, little glimpses... I love it!

  8. Is this the iceberg drifting toward Melbourne (perhaps)? Big chevron-swan of ice... Hope you're watching out for that, by the way.

    Iceberg Slim

  9. Haha... actually the iceberg is drifting towards Western Australia, where I happen to be holidaying for a few days. It's not going to get anywhere near the coast though, apparently.