Monday, October 12, 2009

? are you a numb (2009)

? are you a numbered neighbour not a joiner [? need walk of air to pique] avid junkmail reader trad tradie ad such vertising material conditioned greenery crunched debate who’s first hitter on the team let’s care at least once [? that a glass isn’t waterproof] whose good look sticks washed our time with don’t trouble the radar ask us about lightweight a silken jigsaw done at the day spa [? seduced by precision] the dogbowl filled with toner a sun-enhancer


  1. A dogbowl filled with toner might turn a Dutch Partridge dog into an Ink Cartridge dog, what?

    This is intriguing. If you revise it, will you continue to rebuff Precision's advances?

  2. I think 'revise' is the operative word with this one. Mostly it is jottings from a walk, and an attempt to make 'random' connections, although maybe some of the connections earlier in the piece might be labeled 'expected' or even 'trite'.

    I'm not sure I'd care to be labeled an 'anti-precisionist'. I'll go for intrigue!