Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thirteen Myna Birds

My poem 'stock' is making an appearance over at Thirteen Myna Birds, brushing wingtips with poems by Walter Conley, Adam Fieled, Asmara Malik, Alishya Almeida, Dana Guthrie Martin, John Rocco, James Brush and Kyle Hemmings.
Thanks to editor Juliet Cook for letting my poem join the flight formation.

'stock' will only be up there for a limited time. Thirteen Myna Birds features 13 poems at any given time, and each time a new poem is published, the oldest poem gets 'etherised'. Archives? Pffft.

* Wrap-up of Overload and other gigs coming soon...


  1. Congratulations! What a dark poem that is.

  2. Thanks Paul. Yeah, I seem to remember being in quite a dark place when I wrote it. Although not literally... I'm pretty sure I was walking in sunlight as the first draft came to me!

  3. It's like our poems got married. Or at least like they are holding hands. Or at least like they are at the same party. A weird party. A cool party.

  4. A party (wedding reception?) with blood-spattered doughnuts. Wild! ;P