Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gigs - February '09

First up was the launch of Unusual Work #7 at Uptown Jazz Cafe on the 6th of Feb. Great atmosphere and an appreciative audience for outer-limits poetry and art - what more could you ask for? Loved Sean O'Callaghan's reading with video/slideshow, and to hear Maxine Clarke perform her West Indian patois poems was something else! What a voice! And great to witness Paul Fearne do his first 'public' reading of his work. I love Amelia Walker's 'Norwegian' piece in UW#7 - you should check it out if you haven't already. In the words of PiO: 'small magazines: the life blood of a great literature... MAKE AN EFFORT!'

Then there was Passionate Tongues on Monday the 16th. Tiggy Johnson and Alex Skovron - couldn't have picked two more different poets really - both gave inspired readings. Plenty of quality and good humour in the open mic too. I read two of my WA Notebook poems, coastal and The day writes itself.

Today I made it down to the Dan O'Connell, where Carmen Main was the feature. She rocks... what can I say?! Open mic was fun today too. I read two more from the WA Notebook, development and Waterfront.

That's probably it for this month - I'll be trying to knuckle down to some serious work before March rears its head.

Below: at the Dan O'Connell 21/2/09 (photo by Michael Reynolds)


  1. Bah, I knew I'd miss something good if I didn't go out on the weekend.

    Carmen's always a good feature.

  2. Hey Tim, yeah Carmen is always good value, but I reckon Saturday was the best I've seen from her, in terms of the range, humour and emotional reach of the material. And I'm always a sucker for Radiohead and Joy Division references.! ;)

  3. Thanks for your positive comments about my work. Glad I found my way to your dive :)

  4. Hi Maxine,

    Thanks for dropping by. :)

    Actually I saw your performance at The First Word on Friday - seriously amazing!

    Just added your blog to my roll too.