Wednesday, November 26, 2008

First Seven Sevens (2008)

releases from a sequence of seven-line poems)


‘There is no enemy.’
Remember how I howled, kicking the wind.
In at least two minds.
Magpie leaves a scratch
(As we know, paranoia
s just a heightened state
of awareness) on the forehead


If one composes on the computer
waiting fragments of sky.
Partly cloudy, tending towards the loose.
Change direction just enough
so that you will not hit other people.
How one knows to keep away, into a symbol.
So, this is how to happen…


We can always get more.
For reassurance.
Looking for something selfish,
read the field.
‘People prefer things over people.’
‘Glad I’m not dualistic
like you guys.’


A word often repeated
is ‘interface’.
Conversant with.
Our heads lie before us.
(‘Drown inside’.)
I go hooded.


Where I come from, dessert
comes first.
Want to get the goodbye
out of the way, right away.

spiritualise the cave’s belly.
Then hunger is a food.


Another has arrived,
is a droid.
Felt him moving through the flat.

Blood dries in the ear.

Look, it’s late (territory)
I take it all back.
The tearful replicant.


Where particles of the moment click in,
description is slow.
A film, a photograph
were slow to revise it.
How to 'remember with'?

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