Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Conversation with self & others (2008)

Waiting for a response
waiting for a grip on what’s dripping by

& to easily receive
from anywhere

but you are all
silent as lice.

Data sent
and aiming for

that area
of your lungs.

Thank you for listening.


How to travel within
lockdown domesticity:

ingest caffeine

rethink my clothes
to head into town

but town is gone,
is just photos

& then who am I
heading into town –
some ornamental ghost?

In my ignorance I
will measure my cloud-head against you.
Sorry to have to meet like this.


Who amongst you
kick the
unthought stuff

know how to receive same?

Check your source code,
output settings.

Only this is what I want
to learn; shoot books
in my arm.

Though before we spin despair
in dead syntax
additional purchases may be necessary.

A mind always
celestial is no mind at all –

I found pills and ate them.
I am looking at everything as material

for later

but through material
to reach something
mis-read that

I thought of you, and knew.

The internet is watching.
I have evolved,
am numbered.

Flutter & clap your fear
like the national anthem.

It was good to hear from you;

time to let you go.

Below: Lego interpretation of Escher's Relativity by Andrew Lipson.

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