Friday, May 09, 2008

the masculine (2008)

poor sad masculinity. spend the whole day jerking off. would opt out if you could. what awaits discovery here? no black gold. what's a man without it? downing a slab of mid-strength. what’re a few uncried tears? while diving in ink. don’t bother looking down there. it's nothing, always nothing.
who’s alpha? is this what you have left to offer? even your pen refuses to write. the bastard. what you will resort to. you shop around. in hell's name. for endgames. is speed chess the game for you? they queue for your time. ‘not for sale’ sticker attracts attention. you’d love to crack. somewhere bright & crowded. with family units. michael douglas in falling down. a good career move. tear their smiles off. c’mon you’re far too meek. take it out on an ornament. assault by proxy. hurl down a galaxy of glass.

As published in Otoliths 14, August 2009.

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  1. It's been awhile since I stopped by here and there's always something good that fits the mood (and mostly lifts it) waiting for me.

    It was this piece, this time.

    It really makes masculinity sad and rather weak hiding behind its pretentious exterior, it is almost as if a woman wrote this in one of her insightful taunting aftermaths.
    The way it is written on the other hand is strong and masculine.

    Also really enjoy the rain poem, you paint a rather delicate but peaceful picture with it.

    his hand will not destroy
    even the smallest creatures

    thanks for the cheer-up.