Sunday, March 09, 2008

three unfinished pieces (2008)

1. moving targets

what goes here
where everything emphasised

sun barely fitting through

(how to de-advertise?)

______if buying surprise
__________________((this shortlived)

how to not be irritated?

is it we’re more ourselves
in writing? _________(these super-questions…)

we keep interrupted
keep cold

sometimes we let the world/room fall away,

the ‘better’ word is patient & waits
__________________________(despite this)
we jump state

2. unopened

_____________________we’re old nouns
but softcopies also
_____-our heads slip in the wet

(this the sleep between the shell of the seed)

we cross a ravine by way of a fallen pine trunk,

still panicked by multiple senses of ‘lie’
_______-& ‘yes’

___________a chance to re-read

__so far
______we know only a few basic words
____________of this other language
_____________________________we are making.

3. filmic glow

we bend the light, pack it down

that constant act,

technology’s very joke

when the day melts,
__________________-tired of ideas,
___________-spills easy complaint

we love & hate poets as they love & hate
________________-(truth arrives late

these works we forever talk of writing, but never

‘truly major motion picture’,
__________-how we feel after that

_______________________film nursing / injuring

________________this has been... needing
________________to happen
____________to us

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