Monday, November 05, 2007

mondays (2007)

monday nights catching up with the
operating system updates new
all these burnt offerings
leap druglike from
hand to hand behind
raised boot of the car
not mine i’m not
'the driver' i have no poison
file me
under monk the

___tv jokes bounce off me like sponges

though dead soldiers pile
til the bussie busies us
with his pisa-phallus of

look at us the weary
tribesmen surrounding
a table fire built from
mobiles, keys, sunnies
_(dancefloor handbags?)

damn pokie pub twittering
machines money travels
thrilling nowhere adventures
___________ of a 10c piece

because suspicious of everything
while counting down your stardom
rain on your parade since mine's
already soaked i really dropped the
make mental note to email you
_____another long apology

as 4 blooded men we
PCs are distraction files
& files of nectar for the
dumb-bum bumble bee got
tissues? only 1 sting til the
____drowse of the next life

we make our exit as something
heroic but this too collapses
__eaten under the idiot lights

watch out if not for nuggets
of bottle glass we could

walk barefoot as bronze
kids in a holiday eden
engrossed in our triple

at this intersection of
stressors taxi honks
when cut off
& therein
language, as
threat, first

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