Saturday, September 08, 2007

pollen (2007)

night air
drawling with spring


pollen delivering words
as raw silk
through the unseen
caverns of my nose


in the middle of the street,

also high on pollen,
deadkids play lazy karate


halogen lamp oversees
glossy 'for sale' sign,
spraying its light,
mistakenly conjures
tilts of red from garden roses


on a nature strip,
legless ergonomic chair implies
a silent office of Zen

A previous version of this poem was published in Frame Lines issue 7, February 2009.

Scanning electron microscope image of pollen grains from a variety of plants. (This is a public domain image sourced from here.)

1 comment:

  1. i once overdosed on drugs and found myself floating in a twilight dawn of golden pollen in the sun

    seeing as it was a fairyland hallucination i did not get hayfever from it

    i used to get all sorts of allergies they have calmed down now

    i was scared to take medications as i thought i might become dependent on them

    (what an irony THAT was...)